Invest in Muslim Women: Mission, Strategies & Outcomes
Educate, Employ and Empower Muslim Women

Invest in Muslim Women (IMW) pioneers tipping point projects targeted to economically empower Muslim women. We use a pluralistic lens to accommodate women of other faiths in the community who would like to be included in our grant-funded projects.

Our strategic business plan focuses on:

  • Inspiration: Derived from Khadijah, the Prophet’s first wife, the first Muslim and entrepreneur, a feminist and a globalist; and from grassroots Muslim women who lead and participate in the NGO grants that we fund.
  • Innovation: Muslim women are not the problem – but rather the solution when they participate in their communities. Women who EARN gain place, position and respect in their society. This opportunity is under-leveraged in Muslim societies.
  • Incubation: Choosing pilot projects based on leverage, impact and scalability is our first step. IMW (formerly the Muslim Women’s Fund) has funded 9 projects since its inception and is now strategically focused on the subcontinent in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan where Muslim women constitute a large and marginalized population. Female population as a % of the total population in Afghanistan is 49.3%, in India it is 48.3% and in Pakistan 48.6% (Source: World Bank, 2012).
  • Impact Evaluation: IMW will rigorously require credible, transparent and accountable return on investment (ROI) evaluations of our pilot projects, as well as impact evaluations.
  • Investing: Conventional philanthropy is skeptical about transformational empowerment projects for Muslim women. The Fund will identify, test and evaluate cutting-edge pilots so that partner NGOs can take projects to scale.
We envision just societies where Muslim women:

  • Are stakeholders in economic growth, strengthening families & communities.
  • Engage in political, religious and social development.
  • Are

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    protected by Islam’s key edict: social justice.

  • Enjoy human rights, dignity and security.
  • Help Islam renew itself peacefully.
The Muslim Women’s Fund (MWF), launched in 2009 was the forerunner of Invest in Muslim Women. As of January 1, 2012, MWF evolved into two non-profits, of which Invest in Muslim Women (IMW) is one. Invest in Muslim Women is a fiscal project of the Global Fund for Women.