HomeworkMarket Me – In response gets fired refineries »After the attacks were damaged major oil installations in Saudi: first of all a huge team Bukajk refinery, which started yesterday repair.

For now, the problems of Saudi Arabia use its major competitors, the global oil companies from Russia and the United States. With the rise of oil prices in the top few percent have gone quotation in New York ExxonMobil and Rosneft in Moscow. Strengthened the ruble and other currencies extracting the raw material, for example. Norwegian crown. Polish Oil Concern Orlen and Grupa Lotos on Monday did not respond to changes in fuel prices on the wholesale market. But if the situation in the oil market does not quickly return to the state before the attacks, then hike petrol stations will prawdopodobne.Skuteczny military attack on oil installations in the Gulf of years is seen as the worst thing that can happen in the oil market. This variant is fulfilled, but not the apocalypse wywołał.zobacz also America offers relaxation Iran. In response gets fired refineries »After the attacks were damaged major oil installations in Saudi: first of all a huge team Bukajk refinery, which started yesterday repair. According to Bloomberg, quoted by Bob McNally Rapid Energy Group is probably the most valuable property in the world. Other industry analysts compare what happened to a sudden heart attack. Because bombed installations for years been considered the heart of the global petroleum system. As a result, Saudi Arabia had to reduce its oil production by half, or 5.7 million barrels per day. This is 5 percent. entire global production. The scale of disruption in the extraction and production of crude oil is the biggest in history. And yet the financial market did not react panic. Scale limit the supply of oil to the market, in millions of barrels per day Source: DGP barrel price on the European market most important species of Brent crude oil rose in the night from Sunday to Monday, when trading was resumed only after the weekend by 19 percent. – from 60 to 71.6 dollars. It was the biggest one-day price change in the market, since there is a trade futures contracts for oil, that is, from 1988. The key, however, it is that after the initial jump in the following hours the price of oil began to fall, approaching the levels before the attacks. Already at nine in the morning our time reached $ 65., Which “gave” more than half of the initial growth. This is still a very large living meant an increase in quotes: about 8 per cent., But at the same time there could be no question of any turn in the market. Crude currently costs about the same as in July. A year ago, when it cost $ 80. per barrel, was nearly 20 percent. more expensive. New “oil shock” at least so far, no. The fact that investors do not fall into panic, also testified that what has happened in other markets. Or rather, what happened on them: do not become more expensive or Swiss franc bonds, could not see any capital flight towards traditional “safe havens”. All of this resulted from assumptions that investors accepted the new situation. In their opinion, the most likely scenario now is that the Saudis intend to overcome quite quickly failures and within a reasonable time restore normal oil production, while the whole event will be the beginning of a new conflict that could change the geopolitical situation. Sentences are in this case it is true divided, but the world for a number of weeks just after the war in wkalkulował risk. For this market treats an attack on installations in Saudi Arabia as a one-off incident, which should not be repeated. And if so, you do not have to worry about running out of oil. Global distribution system that has enough fuel reserves to a supply disruption function normally for a period of even a few months. Goldman Sachs analysts have calculated that up to the moment where you really have a problem with the supply side, it will take about 6-8 weeks, during which time the supply situation does not improve. See also: Why pay more for fuel, since the price of a barrel of oil falls? “What will happen to oil prices in the coming weeks will depend on whether those assumptions by investors prove to be correct. After unofficial market rumors circulate that the complete removal of the damage and restore production at 100 percent. It may take up to several months. Furthermore, it is known in the industry consultancy Energy Aspects estimated that a large part of the lost production will be restored in a very short time, a couple of days. If this proves to be homework market true, it immediately scale of the problem will become much smaller and no one will care that, when Saudi removes 100 percent. damage. Then the market will return immediately to their old worries before the attack, the concerns about the global economic downturn, with a decline in popularity cars powered by petrol and diesel, with the growing popularity of renewable energy sources. All these factors have a long-term downward pressure on oil prices, not increase it. But even if it turns out that the price returned to the level before the attacks and from the point of view of the ordinary consumer after a brief confusion, everything will return to normal, the industry experts point out that one thing will change for sure. It is about changing the perception of Saudi Arabia by its customers. The attack on the installations of Saud is a huge disaster for them overall brand, because that lost its greatest asset – the certainty and security of supply. If Saudi is not able to guarantee full control over the level of its extraction and can not guarantee security, then surely its place in the world to try to push the other suppliers with similar potential when it comes to production level. So Russia and the United States. That’s why perhaps even more interesting than the oil market reaction is a reaction of the stock market’s leading oil producers from the US and Russia: ExxonMobil quotation in New York and Rosneft in Moscow went up by more than 4 percent. In turn, the foreign exchange market is clearly gaining value ruble and the currencies of other countries – oil producers, for example. Norwegian krone. All these countries can take advantage of the troubles Riyadh, trying to pick up part of his share of the world oil market. There are many indications that we as consumers from the consequences of an attack on Saudi installations can handle, but she Saudi Arabia as a country based on oil exports is a huge, long-term problem. At the beginning of the meeting at the request of the Senate Senator Sławomir Rybicki (KO) completed the agenda of the election of the chairman of the Rules Committee, Ethics and Senatorial Affairs and the selection of chairmen of standing committees of the Senate. Speaker of the Senate Thomas Grodzki (KO) in an interview with reporters before the start of the meeting described how they will look deliberations Wednesday. “Today we come down to us a long time, it will be a busy day. First we have to appoint a commission Regimen, which is the mother of all other committees. Then senators volunteer for various committees, elect from among its members a chairman, but the first meeting of the open marshals, which will be three times five committees at a time “- he said. According to him, the distribution of tasks means that marshals will be working all day. “The selection committee heads will be at the meetings of these committees, but the approval of the chairman of the plenary and then they are elected, so come down to us all day,” – noted Grodzki. When asked, what about the chapter committee heads and their expectations in terms of PiS and independent senators, Grodzki said that at the moment talks in this matter, which “are moving forward quite well.” “I am determined to finish this process today or tomorrow morning far” – said Speaker of the Senate. On the question of how the committee wants to have PiS Grodzki said he does not know. “Negotiating Group was appointed. She was talking about variants 10-6, 9-7. Perhaps in the course of the term, we will increase the number of committees, but it is a matter for a later” – said Grodzki. Asked if there are plans to Senate committees have called the head of the NIK Marian Banas to explain his troubles with the CBA before senators, Grodzki said that this is being considered. Senate committees are, except that they can not rely commission of inquiry, almost the same powers as the parliamentary commissions. We consider this quite seriously – said Grodzki. (PAP) by Edith Ros, Victoria Nicałek Agency dpa inform the Tuesday, citing its own information and weekly “Der Spiegel”. Dpa writes that the existing commitment is already an increase of 80 percent. in the period 2014-2024 (in absolute numbers of approx. 33 billion to 60 billion euros). According to the agency’s calculation of the German party presented in the disclosure document and stressed that “this growth will be maintained in the period after 2024 years.” Dpa points out, referring to the “wheel of NATO” that these declarations of Germany does not meet the likely expectations of the Alliance, and certainly does not meet that, you expect the US president, Donald Trump, because “both in Brussels and in Washington is requested specific data, as They can be achieved targets for defense spending. ” Dpa indicates that in the case of Germany, it was completely unclear so far, as achieved in 2024 to be 1.5 percent. Of GDP, since the medium-term planning that in 2022 it will be only 1.23 percent. Agency reminds that during the NATO summit last summer in Brussels Trump even threatened the US with the onset of the Alliance, if not all Member States will immediately spend 2 percent of defense. GDP. In comparison with 2015. PiS gained nearly half a million voters, while all parties forming the European Coalition lost their almost 1.5 million. When all the reservations on such an analysis (differences in the kind of elections, frequency) and it shows the potential to mobilize Justice. – probably this week we make accurate analysis, but I have the impression that we yield in the form of new voters in all age groups and professions. This of course will have to be confirmed, but the result is very impressive and I am happy with him – says in an interview with Speaker of the Senate of the DGP Stanislaw Karczewski of Justice. The results in the districts (percent). Source: DGP Scale winning result surprised many politicians of the party. – There is no doubt that the PiS has bred himself iron electorate, like the earlier platform. This type of voters are able to forgive a lot, and such moods are long pass from the elections for the elections. They sometimes save the party, when experiencing a crisis – suggests a political scientist Marek Migalski. But that does not explain everything, probably because new voters voting at the Law and Justice is difficult to include the faithful. – PiS voters consist of two segments: iron and soft electorate, which began to appear from 2014 onwards. – emphasizes prof. Waldemar Paruch from the government’s Strategic Analysis Center. “If after three years of scandals and errors PiS opposition can not win, it means the total indolence” [OPINION] >>> Many of our interviewees says that PiS ‘bred their own lemmings “, as once Platform Citizens in the days of Donald Tusk. As for the people who will vote for a given party not from ideological conviction, and the conviction that a team lead just right policies and effective care of their problems. According to PiS politicians is a matter of credibility and observance of election announcement. Then there are problems with a coherent offer of the PiS political opponents who lose voters. Kaczynski’s party begins so they gain a whole new fields. See also: European election 2019: Who got to the European Parliament? [NAMES] »- In this campaign the PiS gained 7 percentage points. among the people questioned whether this party is associated with the reduction of taxes. This is a novelty. This narrative, but also the decisions that are soon to collapse, assigns the new features of Law and Justice, which had previously been monopolizing PO – says Waldemar Paruch. Our caller warns that the PiS popularity does not translate social part Fridays Kaczynski, because of the research that leads the party, you can see that the social thus can no longer obtain voters. In his opinion, five is significant in the context of supporting the economy, the economists forecast shortness of breath in the EU economy. Law and Justice has bred himself iron electorate, as previously AFTER result means that the PiS reach new groups of voters, which can also be seen in the electoral geography. – In this sense, the greatest success of this party is won in Silesia. These elections also showed that despite the high turnout Warsaw not indicate the winner, and it pointed province – emphasizes prof. Paruch. Data from exit polls show that more than half of the PiS voted villagers. – The fundamental mistake of the opposition was obśmianie breeding cows proposals for funding from EU funds. It’s a complete lack of sense that this is an important issue for the rural environment – emphasizes Paruch. In addition, issues of ideological and anticlerical climate, which appeared at the end of the campaign could be for conservative voters from the village an additional incentive to go on the wybory.zobacz Dominik Tarczyński won a seat, but to Brussels at the moment is not going to “Justice is the result in large part the effect of quitting the party to fight locomotives. Of the 20 candidates who received the most individual votes in the country, the majority (13) are the candidates of the United camp Right. However, if we compare the first ten candidates of PiS with ten candidates EC, it is seen that the former have won a total of over 317 thousand. more votes than their rivals from the opposition. This is largely thanks to Beata Awl, which attracted more than 525 thousand. voters, thus achieving the best result in an individual country. – It is also important that such indigenous politicians from PO 12-13. Because, for example. Ochojska, Cimoszewicz, Belka, Miller, Zemke or Arlukowicz difficult for such a person be considered – says Marshal Karczewski. Even in the election night KE politicians were convinced that the correction results will work in their favor. Also assumed a draw in the mandates of the European Parliament (PiS after 23 and EC). Meanwhile, the distance to the PiS has increased from approx. 3 to 7 points proc.Oto results of the elections to the European 2019 [OFFICIAL DETAILS NEC] >>> In the ranks of the opposition are convinced that the PiS effectively mobilized their constituencies than the European Coalition. – We need to carefully examine the question of attendance. I have the impression that we are still a large reserve. We did not get a raise this election so good turnout in our regions, and managed to keep his Law and Justice – admits in an interview with the DGP Slawomir Neumann, chairman of the club PO-KO. – Attendance of over 40 percent. seems to be sensational when it comes to the European elections, but in the case of parliamentary elections it is still a low figure – wskazuje.zobacz also: Elections in 2014 and 2019.

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