Women on the Frontlines in Bahrain: A University Student and an Expat Mother

Date: February 2011

Wednesday 3:30 am in Bahrain.

The phone rings at the home of a 35 year old expat and mother of two children. Her friend on the line says, “Look outside! The funeral procession for the second Bahraini man who was killed in the clashes with the police is passing by the back entrance of the compound.” The expat runs up to the roof with her husband to check out the scene. She’s so moved that in a split second she decides to throw something over her pajamas, grab her largest Cannon camera and dash out with the friend who called her. They spot protesting Bahraini women at the back of the procession. “The women were very friendly”, and “they immediately wanted to tell me their story”, says the expat mother. My friend and I walked with the procession into a small village along with the other reporters. “It was a very powerful experience.”

Thursday 9-30am
Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-12490555