Cancer of Islamic Extremism Shocks & Rocks the World on 9/11/12

Date: Sept 2012
Imam Feisal Rauf, Founder of the Cordoba Initiative believes that “moderates of all faith traditions must coalesce, build coalitions … to combat … critical juncture today.the extremists of all faith traditions. This is the most powerful way to go forward.”Why are the Arab streets inflamed? Is it the infamous video or something deeper?

The violent protests in Cairo and in Benghazi were painted with an anti-American brush, and attributed to the vile anti- Islamic video produced in California. But could it be that the 9/11 anniversary – etched in our psyches – precipitated the violent demonstrations, spreading to twenty Arab cities. Political pundits – on the right and left surprisingly agree: Ross Douthat, an NYT columnist, negates the notion that the blasphemous video instigated the violent outbursts. Rather, he writes: “The unrest in the Islamic world is more about power politics than blasphemy.” Douthat nails the issue, I believe, when he attributes the violence to a duel between secularists and fundamentalists. This was evident in President Morsi’s anti-American actions in the immediate aftermath of the attacks and riots. Morsi first stabilized his support base so that the Salafists, a religiously more conservative faction, could not score a victory over him. The protests are provoked by internal power politics – even though the press coverage frequently focuses on the anti-American spirit of violent Arab demonstrations.