Global Tolerance Slashed with a Sledge Hammer in Norway

Date: July 2011

When I wrote about religious tolerance dying a slow death in Western Europe a couple of weeks ago, I was looking at the issue from a political perspective. Little did I imagine the savagery that would follow just two weeks later, wiping out 77 innocent youths in Utoya an idyllic Norwegian island.

Friday, July 22nd was a stunning and sad day for the families, Norway and the world as Anders Behring Breivik, a 32 year old, right wing, fundamentalist Christian savagely killed teenagers. What kind of insanity is this, especially in a Scandinavian country -where peace and civility, social welfare for its citizens, and respectful integration of immigrants has long prevailed. Norway has long set a high bench mark and a sane role model for the world until this tragedy occurred. How could this happen and why?